MTech Program

Over the first two semesters, M.Tech. students are required to do substantial amount of course work to complement their undergraduate or masters level education. The third semester is devoted mostly to the M.Tech. project although some courses may be taken during that period. The fourth semester is fully devoted to completion of the project. The curriculum has been designed to provide all students with a general background in Biomedical Engineering followed by more specific knowledge in the area of their choice. The former is achieved through core (for everyone) and compulsory (for students with a particular background) courses in the first semester. Electives taken during the second and third semester provide specialized knowledge in the area of the individual interest.

In the first semester, students with backgrounds in life sciences and medicine are required to take compulsory courses in mathematics, electronic circuits and instrumentation. Students with backgrounds in physical sciences and engineering take courses in physiology. There are other elective courses to be taken as well.

In the second semester, all students have to go through a core course on Biostatistics. Further, everyone is required to present a seminar on a topic related to Biomedical Engineering under the guidance of a faculty. The rest of the courses are electives, which the students choose after consultation with the faculty adviser.

Electives are offered in biopotentials, bioelectricity, ergonomics, medical sensors, biosensors, bioMEMS, medical imaging physics, biomaterials, drug delivery, cellular & tissue engineering, microfluidics, computational modeling, biomechanics, etc. All students are required to take a course designated as an Institute Elective offered by departments other than BSBE. In special cases, electives other than the institute elective may be taken from other departments in IIT after obtaining necessary permissions from the Department Post Graduate Committee.

Eligibility for Admission
First class or 60% marks (55% marks for SC/ST) in *:
* as specified in the clause in the “Important Guidelines for M.Tech. Application” of this brochure.

Qualifying Disciplines
i. B.E./B.Tech. /AMIE or equivalent in Biomedical Engineering (BM), Biotechnology (BT), Chemical Engineering (CH), Computer Science and Engineering/ Information Technology (CS), Electrical Engineering (EE), Electronics/Telecommunications Engineering (EC), Engineering Physics (EP), Instrumentation Engineering (IN), Mechanical Engineering (ME), Metallurgy & Materials Science (MT), Pharmaceutical Technology (PY), Other Engineering (ZE)


ii. M.Sc. or equivalent in Biochemistry (BY), Biophysics (BP), Biotechnology (BT), Ceramics (CG), Chemistry (CY), Electronics / Electronic Sciences (EC), Ergonomics (ER), Materials Science (MS), Mathematics (MA), Molecular Biology (MG), Physics (PH), Physiology (PS), Other Science (ZS)


iii. ** Health Sciences such as MBBS (Medicine) / BDS (Dental), B.Pharm/B.V.Sc., B.P.Th. ,B.O.Th., B.ASLP) (Duration 4 years or more)

Entrance examination requirement for TA/RA/TAP/RAP Category

Valid GATE score in any discipline for engineering and science graduates (for i and ii above)

All India level post graduate entrance examination for corresponding disciplines such as INI_CET/NEET-PG/NEET-MDS/JIPMER/ PGI Chandigarh/AFMC-Pune/DNB Part I for MBBS/BDS, GPAT/ All India level selection examination for B.Pharm., All India level post graduate entrance examination for M.V.Sc., M.P.Th., M.O.Th. and M.ASLP, GATE examination for all such health science background.

Eligibility/rank certificates for all such All India level entrance examinations are required (for iii, above). The   candidate   should   have qualified   the   entrance   exam   (as per   the qualification   criterion   of the respective exam for that exam year and category) and the score obtained should be valid (as per the   duration   of   validity   for   the respective   exam)   at   the   time   of application   to   the   M.Tech. program.

** Candidate with qualifications mentioned against (iii) must submit a certificate for their having First class or 60% marks (55% for SC/ST)* in qualifying degrees, failing which, they will not be eligible for admission to M.Tech. In Biomedical Engineering.

The admission of students (under TA category) to M. Tech. in Biomedical Engineering program will be based on :
a) their qualifying discipline and the corresponding GATE score cut­off.
b) for, non­GATE candidates, admission will be based on interviews.

Interviews will also be conducted for candidates from the following admission categories: SW, IS, PS, IIT ­ B.Tech., DRDO, etc.

Information Brochure can be found here:

FACULTY ADVISOR: Profs. H.Varma / N. Kanekar