Minor Courses

The study of biology spans from the atomic scale to ecosystems. In the BSBE minor, students may choose from a basket of courses that cover two broad themes at the level of structure and function: (1) molecules and cells, and (2) systems such as tissues and organs. Courses explore basic topics leading to an understanding of function and dysfunction, and possible interventions for dysfunction. Engineering approaches for manipulating biological systems are discussed in both the themes. The breadth of the courses results in a scenario where interested students can choose courses that focus on fundamental or translational topics, or a mix of both.

UG alumni who have done a BSBE minor have gone on to pursue research all over the world in areas that involve biology, overlapping with their core engineering discipline.

Minor Courses running in Autumn Semester 2023-24
CodeCourse NameLTPCInstructor(s)Slot
BB405Molecular Biology2106S Nair 
BB521Biochemistry and Bioenergetics2106PV Balaji 
BB553Bioinformatics1046P Bhaumik 
BB600Introduction to Biomedical Engineering3006 
BB603Physiology for engineers3006Nivethida T* + VPS 
BB627Medical Imaging Methods (SH)3003H Varma 
BB633Movement Neuroscience (FH)3003N Kanekar 
BB638Topics in Evolution2106K Kondabagil 
BB663Medical imaging physics (FH)3003D Paul 
BB681Biological Physics at Microscopic Scales2106A Kunwar 
Minor Courses running in Spring Semester 2023-24
CodeCourse NameLTPCInstructor(s)Slot
BB400Molecular Biophysics2106PV Balaji 
BB411Molecular Cell Biology2106 
BB503Genetic Engineering2106S Kumar 6
BB610Biomedical microsystems3006R Srivastava 5
BB612Cell Mechanics and Mechanobiology3006S Sen 9
BB616Cellular and tissue engineering3006P Tayalia 6
BB618Medical Instrumentation3006 
BB624Microfluidics: physics and applications3006 
BB625Motor Control in Health and Disease3006N Kanekar 6
BB655Introduction to Biomedical Optics3006H Varma 8