Shinde, S.R.

Dr. Swapnil Rohidas Shinde
Assistant Professor

Phone: +(91-22) 2576 7146
E-mail: swapnilshinde [at]
Location: Room No. 105, BSBE Building
Lab web page

Research Interest

  • Assembly and disassembly of cilia/flagella
  • Trafficking of signaling receptors, proteins, and secondary messengers in and out of cilia
  • Ciliary signaling and ciliopathies
  • Intracellular Transport

Academic Background

  • 2018 – Ph.D. (Biotechnology): Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD), Hyderabad, India, with Dr. Maddika Subba Reddy
  • 2011 – MSc (Biotechnology): University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India
  • 2009- BSc (Biotechnology): Shivaji University, Kolhapur, India

Professional Experience

  • 2022 – present: Assistant Professor, Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Bombay, Mumbai
  • 2018 – 2022: Postdoctoral scholar, University of California, San Francisco with Prof. Maxence Nachury

Teaching (current)

Awards and Fellowships

  • 2022: Young Faculty Award, from IIT Bombay
  • 2021: Sandler Program for Breakthrough Biomedical Research – Postdoctoral Independent Research Grant from UCSF.
  • 2020: David and Joyce Copenhagen Prize for Best Published Paper in Visual Sciences, 2020. Shinde SR et al., Journal of Cell Biology 2020, doi: 10.1083/jcb.202003020. PMID: 33185668.
  • 2020: Charles D. Kelman, MD Postdoctoral Scholar Award, International Retinal Research Foundation, USA.
  • 2019: The Inspiring Science Award (Finalist) for the best-published paper, TNQ Technologies- Cell Press, India. Shinde SR, and Maddika S. Cell Reports. 2017 Nov 07; 21(6):1655-1666. PMID: 29117568.
  • 2016: International Travel Fellowship, Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), India.
  • Junior and Senior Research Fellowships in 2011 and 2013, University Grants Commission (UGC), India.


Research articles:

  1. Shinde SR, Mick DU, Aoki E, & Nachury MV. The ancestral ESCRT protein TOM1L2 selects ubiquitinated cargoes for retrieval from cilia. Developmental Cell.
  2. Shinde SR, Nager A R, Nachury M V. Ubiquitin chains earmark GPCRs for BBSome-mediated removal from cilia. Journal of Cell Biology. 2020 Dec 7;219(12):e202003020. doi: 10.1083/jcb.202003020. PMID: 33185668
    Highlighted in Gigante ED, Caspary T. Cilia Biology: You’re It! Tagging Proteins for Ciliary Removal. Curr Biol. 2021 PMID: 33497637.
  3. Shinde SR, and Maddika S. PTEN Regulates Glucose Transporter Recycling by Impairing SNX27 Retromer Assembly. Cell Reports. 2017 Nov 07; 21(6):1655-1666. PMID: 29117568.
  4. Kumar P, Munnangi P, Chowdary KR, Shah VJ, Shinde SR, Kolli NR, Halehalli RR, Nagarajaram HA, Maddika S. A Human Tyrosine Phosphatase Interactome Mapped by Proteomic Profiling. J Proteome Res. 2017 08 04; 16(8):2789-2801.PMID: 28675297.
  5. Shinde SR, and Maddika S. PTEN modulates EGFR late endocytic trafficking and degradation by dephosphorylating Rab7. Nature Communications. 2016 Feb 12; 7:10689. PMID: 26869029.
  6. Shinde SR, Gangula NR, Kavela S, Pandey V, Maddika S. TOPK and PTEN participate in CHFR mediated mitotic checkpoint. Cellular Signalling. 2013 Dec; 25(12):2511-7. PMID: 24012691.
  7. Kavela S, Shinde SR, Ratheesh R, Viswakalyan K, Bashyam MD, Gowrishankar S, Vamsy M, Pattnaik S, Rao S, Sastry RA, Srinivasulu M, Chen J, Maddika. PNUTS functions as a proto-oncogene by sequestering PTEN. Cancer Research. 2013 Jan 01; 73(1):205-14. PMID: 23117887.


  1. Shinde SR, and Maddika S. Post-translational modifications of Rab GTPases. Small GTPases. 2018 03 04; 9(1-2):49-56. PMID: 28426288.
  2. Shinde SR, and Maddika S. A modification switch on a molecular switch: Phosphoregulation of Rab7 during endosome maturation. Small GTPases. 2016 07 02; 7(3):164-7. PMID: 27070490.