Mallik, R.

Dr. Roop Mallik

Phone Office: +(91-22) 2576 7769
Phone Lab: +(91-22) 2576  4789
E-mail: rmallik [at]
Location: Room No. 406, BSBE Building
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Research Interest

Intracellular Transport, Biophysics of Lipids and Motor Proteins, Pathogen degradation, Metabolism and Liver biology, Lipid Homeostasis

Academic Background

  • 1994 – 1999 Ph.D. (Physics). Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India.

  • 1993 Masters (Physics).University of Allahabad, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

Professional Experience

  • 2020 –  Dept. Of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT Bombay
  • 2006 – July 2020 Dept. of Biological Sciences, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Colaba, Mumbai.

  • 2017-2020, Professor & DBT-Wellcome IA Senior Fellow

  • 2011-2017, Assoc. Professor & Wellcome-DBT IA Senior Fellow

  • 2006-2011, Reader & Wellcome Trust (UK) Senior Fellow

  • 2001 – 2005 Postdoctoral Fellow. University of California Irvine, Department of Developmental and Cell Biology.

  • 2000 – 2001 Postdoctoral Fellow.  Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai and National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore.

Awards / Honors

  • DBT – Wellcome Trust India Alliance Senior Research Fellowship (January 2020 onwards).
  • The G.D. Birla Award for Scientific Research, 2019
  • Infosys Prize in Life Sciences 2018
  • Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award in Biological Sciences 2014
  • Fellowship of the Indian Academy of Sciences Bengaluru
  • Wellcome Trust – DBT India alliance Senior Research Fellowship (2013 -2018)
  • Wellcome Trust (UK) International Senior Research Fellowship (2006-2012)
  • Human Frontier Sciences Program HFSP Long-term Postdoctoral Fellowship

Selected Publications

  • Roop Mallik. From Physics to Physiology at the Membrane-Motor Interface; Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 21, 61–62 (2020)
  • Mukesh Kumar, Srikant Ojha, Priyanka Rai, Alaumy Joshi, Siddhesh S. Kamat and Roop Mallik. Insulin activates Intracellular transport of Lipid Droplets to release Triglycerides from the Liver; The Journal of Cell Biology, 218 (11) 3697-3713 (2019)
  • Paulomi Sanghavi, Ashwin D’Souza, Ashim Rai, Arpan Rai, Ranjith Padinhatheeri and Roop Mallik. Coin-tossing explains the Activity of Opposing Microtubule Motors on Phagosomes;  Current Biology 28, 1460–1466 (2018)
  • Priyanka Rai, Mukesh Kumar, Geetika Sharma, Pradeep Barak, Saumitra Das, Siddhesh S. Kamat and Roop Mallik. Kinesin dependent Mechanism for Controlling Triglyceride Secretion from the Liver;  PNAS 114, 12958–12963 (2017)
  • Ashim Rai, Divya Pathak, Shreyasi Thakur, Shampa Singh, Alok Kumar Dubey and Roop Mallik. Dynein clusters into Lipid Microdomains on Phagosomes to drive Rapid Transport towards Lysosomes;  Cell 164, 722–734 (2016)
  • Arpan K. Rai, Ashim Rai, Avin J. Ramaiya, Rupam Jha and Roop Mallik. Molecular adaptations allow Dynein to generate large collective forces inside cells;  Cell 152, 172–182 (2013)
  • Pradeep Barak, Ashim Rai, Priyanka Rai and Roop Mallik. Quantitative optical trapping on single organelles in cell extract;  Nature Methods 10, 68–70 (2013)
  • V Soppina, A K Rai, A J Ramaiya, P Barak and Roop Mallik. Tug-of-war between Dissimilar Teams of Microtubule Motors Regulates Transport and Fission of Endosomes;  PNAS 106, 19381 (2009)

Selected Book Chapters

  • Cytoskeletal Motors:Structure and Function in Hepatocytes. Mukesh Kumar, Arnab Gupta and Roop Mallik
    The Liver : Biology and Pathobiology, 6th Edition
  • Dynein in Endosome and Phagosome Maturation. Ashim Rai, Divya Pathak & Roop Mallik
    The Handbook of Dynein, 2nd Edition