MSc PhD Dual Degree

Admission: Through the Joint Admission for M.Sc. (JAM) exam (

Advisor /Guide / Supervisor: The allocation of the Guide will be at the end of fourth semester based on mutual (i.e., candidate and the guide) consent. The CGPI may be used to resolve conflicts, if any.

Award of the degrees: The candidate will be awarded both the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees simultaneously on successful completion of the program.

Comprehensive exam: This is an oral examination and it is mandatory to successfully complete this for continuing in the program.

WHO WILL EVALUATE: The committee will comprise of five Faculty Members and at least one should be from Department Post-Graduate Committee.

SCOPE: The candidate will be tested for his competence in subject areas related to the likely research topic that (s)he will pursue and the courses registered till date.

COMMITTEE’S RECOMMENDATION: The committee will recommend that
(i) the candidate be allowed to register for the Ph.D. program subject to completion of the prescribed course work, OR
(ii) the candidate is not up to the mark and may be given at the most one more chance to appear for the comprehensive, OR
(iii) the candidate, subject to successful completion of the prescribed course work, may be awarded only the M.Sc. degree and is NOT allowed to continue with the Ph.D. program.

WHEN: During the fourth semester or the summer semester following the fourth semester i.e., a candidate who joins the program in July 2009, will have to have the comprehensive between January and July, 2011.

Course work: For five semesters. A candidate who fails to maintain a minimum CGPI of 6.0 will have to leave the program. No degree will be awarded to such candidates.

Duration: Six years

Exit policy: Candidate who leave the program mid-way will not be awarded any degree.

Fellowship: Teaching Assistantship (TAship) will be provided subject to the fulfillment of the academic criteria and satisfactory research progress. TAship will be provided for a maximum period of 7 years as follows:
1. Rs.6,000 /- pm from the date of joining till the date of confirmation of Ph.D. registration.
2. Rs.25,000 /- pm for first two years after confirmation of Ph.D. registration (3rd & 4th year of DD programme).
3. Rs.28,000/- pm for next three years (i.e. 5th, 6th & 7th year).
Students who qualify in the national level JRF exams conducted by UGC, CSIR, GATE, DBT and ICMR can avail of these fellowships from the commencement of Semester V

M.Sc. project vis-à-vis Ph.D. topic: A student may continue his M.Sc. project for Ph.D.

Research progress: This will be monitored by a Research Progress Committee, just as in the case of students who are admitted directly to the Ph.D. program of the Institute.