PhD Program

PhD Program

The Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering comprises of Biosciences (BS) and Biomedical Engineering (BME) as core academic groups.

Biosciences (BS)
Minimum Eligibility for Admission:
1. First Class or 60% marks (55% for SC/ST) in M. Sc or equivalent degree in subjects related to Life Sciences/ Physics/ Chemistry OR B.Tech Biotechnology with:

  • a valid GATE score (eligible for Institute TAship/ RAship) OR
  • a valid CSIR/ UGC/ DBT JRF (eligible for FA category) OR
  • a valid ICMR JRF (not linked to ICMR project) (eligible for FA category) OR
  • Two year of relevant post M.Sc research experience (eligible only for project positions) OR
  • UGC/CSIR (Lectureship) eligible only for project position.

2. First Class or 60% marks (55% for SC/ST) in M.Tech or equivalent degree in Biotechnology


(A) Biophysics and Computational Biology:  Bioinformatics, Glycobiology, Computational Biology, Protein   crystallography,   NMR   based   structural   Biology,  Physics   of   Biological   system   and Computational   Modeling   of   bio­molecules,  Dynamics   of   cytoskeletal   filaments   and   Chromatin remodelling , physical properties of the extracellular matrix, protein folding/mis­folding, aggregation and neuro­degeneration.
(B) Biochemistry: Enzyme  kinetics  and  enzyme  secretion,  microbial  metabolism  and  regulation, aromatic   hydrocarbon   metabolism   and   genetic   engineering,   enzyme   inhibitor   design,   molecular mechanisms of DNA replication, repair and packaging in double­stranded DNA viruses, Molecular Enzymology.
(C) Microbial Biology: Fungi, Viral assemblies, Bacterial Pathogenesis, Host­Pathogen Interactions, molecular parasitology.
(D) Cell Biology: Cellular Biophysics, micro­tubule  dynamics, bacterial cell division, Chromosomal and extra chromosomal segregation in fungi, Neurobiology.
(E) Immunology: Molecular immunology and cell signaling, Cellular Immunity, Tumor Immunology, Cancer biomarker.
(F) Genetics and Molecular Biology: Functional Genomics, Epigenetic Regulation,  Fungal Molecular Genetics.
(G) Proteomics, System Biology and Biomarkers of infectious diseases.

Minimum Eligibility for Admission:

1. First Class or 60% marks (55% marks for SC/ST), as specified in the General Eligibility Criterion, in  the qualifying degree:

  • M.Tech./M.E. or equivalent degree in Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics/Telecommunications Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Physics OR      
  • MBBS with MD/MS, BVSc with MVSc, BDS with MDS, BPTh with MPTh, BOTh with MOThOR
  • Applicants desiring Institute financial support should have cleared GATE (for engineering and science graduates) or AIIMS/MCI/GIPMER/PGI-Chandigarch/ AFMC-Pune post graduate entrance examinations. Eligibility/ rank certificates are required for all such entrance examinations.

2. First Class or 60% marks (55% marks for SC/ST), as specified in the General Eligibility Criterion, in  the qualifying degree:

  • B.Tech./B.E.  or equivalent degree  in Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science   &   Engineering,   Electrical   Engineering,   Electronics/Telecommunications   Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Physics  OR
  • M.Sc. or equivalent degreee in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Ceramics, Chemistry, Electronics.   Ergonomics,   Material   Science,   Mathematics,   Molecular   Biology,   Physics   and Physiology OR
  • MBBS/BDS/BPTh/BOTh/BVSc (4­year degree) or equivalent degree in appropriate branch OR
  • B.Pharm. (with entrance examination)

Applicants  with   qualifying   degrees   listed   in   (ii)   above   and   seeking   admission   under TA/TAP/RA/RAP  should have  valid scores of GATE (for Engineering and Science graduates)  or GPAT (for Pharmacy graduates)  or AIIMS / MCI / JIPMER / PGI­Chandigarch  /  AFMC­Pune postgraduate entrance examinations (for medical graduates).  For admission under  FA category, the candidate should have a valid CSIR/UGC/DBT JRF or a valid ICMR JRF (not linked to ICMR project).

Research Areas:
(A) Sensors and Devices: Bioinstrumentation for  diagnostics  and  therapeutics, early detection of carcinoma and tropical diseases, bioMEMS devices, Fluorescent Biosensors, Nanoengineered Sensors, Layer­by­Layer Self­Assembly,  Microfluidics for biomedical applications.
(B) Biomaterials, Drug delivery and tissue engineering:  Nano­biotechnology, Design of scaffolds for tissue engineering, Controlled Release technologies, Neuroprosthetic devices including aids for the handicapped, Signal processing, Telemedicine  and knowledge based systems. Microfibrication for immunotherapy.
(C) Computational   physiology:  Cardiac   electrophysiology   and   muscle   mechanics,   Computational Neurophysiology.
(D) Movement Neuroscience, Rehabilitation technology
(E) Medical Optics – Optical tomography, Blood flow measurements, Computational Imaging

Prof. S. Maji / Prof. A. Kumar  - Biotechnology (BT)
Prof. S. Sen – Biomedical Engineering (BME)