Welcome to Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy Lab!

Located on the 6th Floor of Biosciences and Bioengineering Building, IIT Bombay the lab can boast of great views from the windows while at the same time harbors some of the best minds focused upon elucidating and reshaping the ambiguities associated with biomolecular structures.

The questions that we raise and attend to are not exactly on a need and know basis but rather is based on what tickles our grey cells. The lab has been instrumental in representing the juxtaposition posed by the structure and dynamics of a biomolecule that essentially holds the answers for underlying accessories that drives life as we know or providing a platform for myriad options ranging from visualization to therapeutics.

Our webpage is an indication as to how we resonate together!

Have thoughts and opinions that tickle your grey cells as well? Feel free to mail us!

Lab Sessions in the Pandemic Era !

Lab Meeting!

Farewell to Seniors !

Pre-Covid Era (circa 2019)