Welcome to the Proteomics lab, IIT-Bombay. Proteomics is a relatively newer field in comparison to its more traditional counterparts like genomics and transcriptomics has garnered a lot of accolades in the last decade and has revolutionized research by the application of high-throughput techniques such as two-dimensional gel electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, and protein arrays.

Our laboratory is well established for high-throughput proteomics research. Two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE), Difference In-gel Electrophoresis (DIGE), and Protein microarrays set-up are established.

“India has the potential to tap research opportunities in proteomics and biochips to help understand the biological processes and treat diseases. This is possible even though the country has missed the opportunity to partner in Human Genome Project”

Late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam


Dr. Sanjeeva Srivastava, FRSB, FRSC
Email- sanjeeva@iitb.ac.in
Phone: +91-22-2576-7779 (office)
+91-22-2576-4714 (lab)


Dr. Sanjeeva Srivastava
Lab No: 304 (3rd Floor)
Department of Biosciences and Bioengineering, IIT-Bombay
Powai, Mumbai 400 076
Maharashtra, India.