Welcome to the Proteomics lab, IIT-Bombay. Proteomics is one of the talking points and uprising fields across the globe for solving the intricacies of different clinical complications. It is a relatively newer field than its traditional counterparts, like genomics and transcriptomics. It has garnered a lot of accolades in the last decade and has revolutionized research through the application of high-throughput techniques. The lab majorly researches cancer and infectious diseases.

Our laboratory is well established for high-throughput research with instruments like microarray-reader, Mass Spectrometers (MS), Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI), Ion torrent S5 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). These high-throughput technologies facilitate not only the lab researchers but also many reputed external users (academic and industry) to dig deeper into the problem at hand and help in multi-level validation to gain a confident result. 

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“India has the potential to tap research opportunities in proteomics and biochips to help understand the biological processes and treat diseases. This is possible even though the country has missed the opportunity to partner in Human Genome Project”

Late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Recent News & Updates


4 manuscripts accepted back to back this week. Congratulations to Saicharan, Medha, Gautam and Akanksha.

Dr. Arghya was awarded Dr. Gargi Vishnoi Memorial prize for best PhD thesis for his outstanding contribution in Integrated Omics.

Monsoon Advanced Proteomics School (MAPS) – 2023 workshop was successfully conducted at IIT Bombay from July 25-26 in hybrid mode. There were more than 250 participants in this hybrid mode event.

Dr. Srivastava and his proteomics team celebrate 150th publication from the lab. Read the article at https://www.bio.iitb.ac.in/~sanjeeva/publications/

Saicharan presented poster at ASMS conference at Houston..

Proteomics lab members organized a Fun-filled GOA Trip.

We are excited to release BrainProt Version 3.0 at ASMS conference. This is a novel omics-based knowledgebase with 6 domains, aimed to accelerate neuroscience research globally. it aims to provide an easy and robust framework to access and visualise omics data of the Human Brain and its associated diseases/disorders. This is one of the first knowledgebases that integrates popular disease-gene-association databases to curate and identify markers of more than 50 human brain diseases, along with protein/gene level expression of deadly brain tumors and neurodegenerative disorders.

ASMS conference started in Houston with huge gathering, displaying the growing power of MS and proteomics. Very delighted to have a stimulating discussion with Dr. Alexander Makarov, the inventor of Thermo fisher Orbitrap technology.

Dr. Arghya Banerjee, Ayushi Verma, Deeptarup Biswas, and Ankit Halder visited the AESB lab and Mass Spectrometry facility at the National University of Singapore. They presented posters in the 3-day Cell Symposia on Neurometabolism in Health and Disease. The team also had a tour of Biopolis, which is the largest R & D centre for biomedical sciences in Singapore.

Late. Prof. Rinti Banerjee Memorial Symposium on Transitional Research in Medicine is being organised on 19th April 2023 in online mode. https://www.bio.iitb.ac.in/~sanjeeva/1605-2/

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