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Welcome to the Protein Engineering & Neurobiology lab at IIT Bombay. We are a multidisciplinary group exploring various aspects of amyloids. Amyloids are protein/peptide aggregates that are associated with various human diseases and normal functions of the host organism. We investigate mechanisms of protein misfolding, aggregation, and amyloid formation associated with human neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Prions. We are also investigating the possibility of p53 amyloid formation associated with human cancers. Apart from disease-associated amyloids, we are also elucidating functional amyloid formation by various protein/peptide hormones for their storage in secretory granules in mammalian organs. We are also actively engaged in designing amyloid based biomaterials for drug delivery and tissue engineering applications.

OUR MEDIA COVERAGE: IITB-Monash Research Academy (Published:Oct 26, 2016)