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Publications and patents

Book chapters

  1. Flow control in paper-based microfluidic devices, S. Jaitpal and D. Paul, in Paper microfluidics: theory and applications, edited by S. Bhattacharya, S. Kumar and A. Agarwal, Springer Nature (2019)
  2. Nucleic acid amplification on paper substrates, P. Naik, R. Manna and D. Paul, in Paper microfluidics: theory and applications, edited by S. Bhattacharya, S. Kumar and A. Agarwal, Springer Nature (2019)
  3. Single-cell separation, S. Pandey, N. Mehendale and D. Paul, in Handbook of Single Cell Technologies, edited by T. S. Santra and F.-G. Tseng, Springer Nature (2018)

Journal Publications

    Work done at IIT Bombay:
  1. An integrated one-step assay combining thermal lysis and loop-mediated isothermal DNA amplification (LAMP) in 30 min from E. coli and M. smegmatis cells on a paper substrate, P. Naik, S. Jaitpal, P. Shetty and D. Paul, Sensors and Actuators B (2019), Vol. 291, p. 74. (PDF) Click here for the BioRxiv preprint.
  2. Label-free electrochemical detection of S. mutans exploiting commercially fabricated printed circuit board sensing electrodes, G. Dutta, A. A. Jallow, D. Paul and D. Moschou, Micromachines (2019), Vol 10, p. 575. (Link to download)
  3. Clogging-free continuous operation with whole blood in a radial pillar device (RAPID), N. Mehendale, O. Sharma, S. Pandey and D. Paul, Biomedical Microdevices (2018), Vol. 20, p. 75. (PDF) Click here for the BioRxiv preprint of a slightly older draft.
  4. A radial pillar device (RAPID) for continuous and high-throughput separation of multi-sized particles. N. Mehendale, O. Sharma, C. D'Costa and D. Paul, Biomedical Microdevices (2017), Vol. 20, article 6. (PDF) and the BioRxiv preprint.
  5. Fabrication of miniature elastomer lenses with programmable liquid mold for smartphone microscopy: curing polydimethylsiloxane with in situ curvature control, B. Karunakaran, J. Tharion, A. Dhawangale, D. Paul and S. Mukherji, Journal of Biomedical Optics (2018) Vol. 23, p. 025002. (Link to download)
  6. Thermal lysis and isothermal amplification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv in one tube, P. Shetty, D. Ghosh and D. Paul, Journal of Microbiological Methods (2017), Vol. 143, p. 1. (PDF)
  7. Impedance spectroscopy based detection of cardiac biomarkers on polyaniline coated filter paper, D. Mondal, D. Paul and S. Mukherji, IEEE Sensors (2017), Vol. 17, p. 5021.(PDF)
  8. Fabrication of nearly hemispherical polymer lenses using water droplets as moulds, B. Karunakaran, A. Jagirdar, D. Paul and S. Mukherji, IETE Technical Review (2016) Vol. 33, No. 1, p. 5459 (PDF)
  9. Rapid amplification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA on a paper substrate, P. Shetty, D. Ghosh, M. Singh, A. Tripathi and D. Paul, RSC Advances (2016), Vol. 6, p. 56205. (PDF)
  10. A paperfuildic device for dental applications using a novel patterning technique. A. Jagirdar, P. Shetty, S. Satti, S. Garg and D. Paul, Analytical Methods (2015), Vol. 7, p. 1293. (PDF)

  11. Work done by Debjani prior to joining IIT Bombay:
  12. Phagocytosis dynamics depends on target shape, D. Paul, S. Achouri, Y. Z. Yoon, J. Herre, C. E. Bryant and P. Cicuta, Biophysical Journal (2013), Vol. 105, p. 1143. (PDF)
  13. Chemical synthesis and sensing in inexpensive thread-based microdevices, S.S. Banerjee, J. Khandare, A. Roychowdhury, N. taneja, R. Janrao and D.Paul, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (2013), Vol. 186, p. 429. (PDF)
  14. Transferrin mediated rapid targeting, isolation and detection of circulating tumor cells by multifunctional magneto-dendritic nanosystem, S. S. Banerjee, A. Jalota-Badhwar, S. D. Satavalekar, S. G. Bhansali, N. D. Aher, R. Mascarenhas, D. Paul, S. Sharma and J. J. Khandare, Advanced Healthcare Materials (2012), Vol. 2, p. 800. (selected as inside cover). (PDF)
  15. Enhancing interactions with colon cancer cells on transferrin-conjugated 3D nanostructured substrate, S. Banerjee *, D. Paul *, A. Jalota-Badhwar, N. Aher, S. Bhansali and J. Khandare, Small (2012), Vol. 8, p. 1657. (* equal contributions). (PDF)
  16. A “dry and wet hybrid” lithography technique for multilevel replication templates: Applications to microfluidic neuron culture and two-phase global mixing, D. Paul, L. Saias , J.-C. Pedinotti , M. Chabert , S. Magnifico , A. Pallandre , B. de Lambert , C. Houdayer , B. Brugg , J.-M. Peyrin, J.-L. Viovy, Biomicrofluidics (2011), Vol. 5, p. 024102. (PDF)
  17. Label-free sub-picomolar protein detection with field-effect transistors, P. Estrela, D. Paul, Q. Song, L. K. J. Stadler, L. Wang, E. Huq, J. J. Davis, P. Ko Ferrigno, and P. Migliorato, Analytical Chemistry (2010), Vol. 82, p. 3531. (PDF)
  18. Fabrication of BioFET linear array for detection of protein interactions, L. Wang, P. Estrela, E. Huq, P. Li, S. Thomas, P. Ko Ferrigno, D. Paul, P. Adkin, and P. Migliorato, Microelectronic Engineering (2010), Vol. 87, p. 753 (PDF)
  19. Stability of thin film transistors incorporating a zinc oxide or indium zinc oxide channel deposited by a high rate sputtering process, A. J. Flewitt, J.D. Dutson, P. Beecher, D. Paul, S.J. Wakeham, M. E. Vickers, C. Ducati, S. P. Speakman, W. I. Milne and M.J. Thwaites, Semiconductor Science and Technology (2009), Vol. 24, p. 085002. (PDF)
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  23. Towards DNA high-resolution separation in COC chips, S. Miserere, D. Paul, B. de Lambert, J.-L. Viovy and J.Weber, La Houille Blanche– Revue Internationale de L’eau (2007), Vol. 6, p. 58.
  24. Dynamic optimization of on-chip polymerase chain reaction by monitoring intracycle fluorescence using fast synchronous detection, S. Mondal, D. Paul, V. Venkataraman, Applied Physics Letters (2007), Vol. 90, p. 013902. (PDF)
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  27. A portable battery-operated chip thermocycler based on induction heating, D. Paul, V. Venkataraman, Sensors and Actuators A (2002), Vol. 102, p. 151 (PDF)


    Work done at IIT Bombay:
  1. Point of care sickle cell test. D. Paul, C. D'Costa, O. Sharma and M. Singh. Indian patent application (provisional) 201621026630 (Aug 4, 2016).
  2. Method for amplifying nucleic acid from a target. D. Paul, D. Ghosh and P. J. Shetty. Indian patent application (provisional) 201621026481 (Aug 3, 2016).
  3. A portable microscope. D. Paul and Samrat. Indian patent application 4743/Mum/2015 (Dec 18, 2015).
  4. A method for molding thermoplastics. S. Mukherji, D. Paul, Bhuvaneshwari K. and A. Jagirdar. Indian patent application 2003/Mum/2015 (May 22, 2015).
  5. Systems and methods for point-of-care detection and amplification of nucleic acids. D. Paul, P.J. Shetty and A. Jagirdar. Indian Patent application 165/Mum/2015 (Jan 16, 2015).
  6. Method for fabrication of microlens. S. Mukherji, D. Paul, Bhuvaneshwari K, A. Jagirdar. Indian Patent application 3096/Mum/2014 (Dec 4, 2014).
  7. Method for increasing the hydrophobicity of paper. D. Paul and A. Jagirdar. Indian Patent application 1652/Mum/2014 (May 15, 2014).
  8. Paperfluidic device for regular health monitoring of oral health. D. Paul, A. Jagirdar, P.J. Shetty, R.K.S. Satti, S. Garg and A. Gupta. Indian Patent application 1653/Mum/2014 (May 15, 2014).

  9. Work done by Debjani prior to joining IIT Bombay:
  10. Rapid detection of urea in adulterated milk using thread based microfluidic system (US 20140065712 A1). J. Khandare, D. Paul, S. Banerjee, N. Taneja and M. Shidore.
  11. Method for improving the bonding properties of microstructured substrates and devices prepared with this method (US 2010/0104480 A1 and PCT/IB2007/055031). J.-L. Viovy, J. Weber, D. Paul, L. Malaquin and S. Miserere.