Theme 1


Application of nanotechnology to improve medical capabilities, different nanomaterials used in various treatments & diagnostics are now improving the standards of healthcare & Nanomedicine is the true game changer to help save lives and have a better living



Targeted treatment with maximum output and minimum side-effects is now achievable with this wonder called drug delivery. Using nanoscale components to ensure site specific and controlled delivery of drugs, genes and molecules to ensure safety as well a guarantee a perfect treatment

Theme 3


Material science’s arm that describes usage of select materials for treatment or diagnostics to cater the demands of long term relief and substitute in medicine & healthcare; Tissue engineering and artificial organs are now a reality with such “Biomaterials”

Theme 4


Mass spectrometry and Immunoassays based discovery of biomarkers that critically defines the diseased and the healthy state along with their corresponding pathway

Theme 5

Digital Health

Digital health is a multidisciplinary concept which aims to provide improved & cost effective medical services through the intersection of medical technology  and healthcare. It applies digital transformation to the healthcare fields, incorporating engineering and technology, management and services.