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DST Training Programme for government sector in December 2018


Dr. Sanjeeva Srivastava is the Group Leader of the Proteomics Laboratory at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay India (IITB). He obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Alberta and further did post-doc from the Harvard Medical School in the area of proteomics, stress physiology and has specialized expertise in the applications of data-enabled sciences in global health, developing countries and resource-limited settings. Current research in his group centers on biomarker and drug target discovery and deciphering the protein interaction networks in complex human diseases (e.g., gliomas) as well as infectious diseases (e.g., malaria) with the use of high throughput proteomics, nanoproteomics, protein microarrays, DIGE and mass spectrometry. Additionally, multi-dimensional Omics data are employed for in silico studies and models. The group has developed E-learning resources such as Virtual Proteomics Laboratory and Open Source Courseware Animations Repository as a community resource and is collaborating actively both across India and internationally to advance this knowledge frontier for the benefit of global health. Dr. Srivastava has taught proteomics courses at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and is the recipient of several awards including the National Young Scientist Award (Canada), Young Scientist Awards (Department of Atomic Energy and Board of Research in Nuclear Sciences India and the Department of Science and Technology India) and the Apple Research Technology Support Award (UK). His name is included in Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare in Nov 2011 edition of Marquis Who’s Who, USA.
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