Prof. Ashutosh Kumar is involved in teaching the following courses in IIT Bombay:

Varsha Semester (July- Nov)

BB 645: Drug Discovery and Development (Credit structure: 3 (L), 0 (T), 0 (P), 3 (C)) Half-semester

Introduction to drug design and discovery, Molecular Recognition, Ligand-based drug design, Bio-structure based drug design, Drug-Like Properties and Decision Making in Medicinal Chemistry, peptide, and Protein Drug Design, Enzyme Inhibitors: Biostructure- and Mechanism-Based Design, Antibiotics, Principles of drug absorption, drug metabolism, and distribution – intestinal absorption, metabolic stability, Global Regulatory Affairs and different steps involved, Regulatory Objectives.


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  2. Nally, J. D. (2006) GMP for Pharmaceuticals. 6th edition. CRC Press 4. Brody, T. (2016) Clinical Trials: Study Design, Endpoints and Biomarkers, Drug Safety, and FDA and ICH Guidelines. Academic Press.

BB 617: Biophysical Chemistry (Credit structure: 3 (L), 0 (T), 0 (P), 6 (C)) Full-semester Jointly with Prof. Samir K Maji

Conformation of Biological Macromolecules, Structure or proteins, Structure of Nucleic acids, Lipids, Conformational analysis and forces that determine protein and nucleic acid structure, Ligand – Macromolecular interactions, Protein folding, Computer applications in Biology. Spectroscopic methods, Adsorption spectroscopy, Difference, and derivative Spectroscopy as applied to biomolecular interactions, Fluorescence spectroscopy, Membrane Proteins, Nucleic acid probes, Fluidity, Polarity, and Viscosity.


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  2. Biophysical Chemistry (Part 1-3), C. R. Cantor and P. R. Schimmel; W.H. Freeman and Co, 1980.

Vasant Semester (Jan- Apr)

BB 404 and BB 404(M): Metabolism and Bioenergetics 3 (L), 0 (T), 0 (P), 6 (C)) Full-semester

Overview of metabolism; the concept of the flow of matter and energy; thermodynamics of coupled systems and non-equilibrium reactions; Biological energy currencies: high energy bond, reducing power and interconversions of energy forms; classification of a living system based on carbon and energy requirements; methods to study metabolism; carbohydrate and lipid catabolism; glycolysis; TCA cycle; fatty acid oxidation, other metabolic routes of carbon; oxidative phosphorylation; Calvin cycle and other avenues of harvesting light energy; gluconeogenesis; glycogen metabolism; integration of metabolism and concepts of metabolic regulation.


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  3. Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, D.L.Nelson, and M.M.Cox. 4th ed. W.H.Freeman, 2004.
  4. Bioenergetics. D.G.Nicholls and S.J.Ferguson, 2nd ed. Academic Press, 2002.

BB640: Biologics and Biosimilars 3 (L), 0 (T), 0 (P), 6 (C)) Half-semester

Introduction to Biologics and Biosimilars, Development and its role in Therapeutics, Cell Line Development and Upstream Bioprocessing, cell culture methods, clone selection, and optimization, Bioreactors, Scale-up optimization Critical Quality Attributes for Biologics and Bio-similars, Glycosylation, De-amidation, Charge Variant analysis, Analytical Methods to measure Glycosylation, De-amidation, Charge Variant (AUC, CE, Mass spectrometry) Biophysical and analytical Characterization of Biologics products, Primary, secondary and tertiary structural analysis by various Biophysics Methods, Protein aggregation principle, and analysis by DLS and SE-HPLC, Thermodynamic stability by DSC, ITC Downstream Purification for Biologics, Regulatory Approach for Biosimilars, Globalization of Biosimilars


  1. Introduction to Biologic and Biosimilar Product Development and Analysis, Nagel, Karen M. Springer, 2018
  2. Biosimilars: Regulatory, Clinical, and Biopharmaceutical Development Editors: Gutka, Hiten J., Yang, Harry, Kakar, Shefali (Eds.) Springer, 2018

Coordinator of:

  1. Experimental Techniques in Biology

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