MSc Course Curriculum (2020-22 batch)

Semester I

CodeSubject NameLTPCInstructor(s)Slot
BB413Biochemistry2106 PV Balaji 
BB415Cell and Molecular Biology2106 S Patankar 
BB417Plant and Animal Biotechnology3003 – –
BB419Microbiology [Second Half]3003 A Banerjee 
BB421Genetics [Second Half]3003 SK Ghosh 
BB423Basics of Mathematics and Statistics [First Half]3003 S Sen 
BB425Basics of Chemistry and Physics [Second Half]3003 Ranjith P 
BB453Lab: Biochemistry and Analytical Techniques1046 D Panda + P Phale *#
BB455Lab: Microbiology0033 P Phale *#
BB457Lab: Plant and Animal Biotechnology0033 – –
Total 2021039  

* Genomics and Proteomics course is running in Autumn Semester for the current Academic Year

Contact Hours: 32
Credits: 39

Semester II

CodeSubject NameLTPCInstructor(s)Slot
BB406Genetic Engineering2106 K Kondabagil 5
BB408Immunology2106R Purwar + G Subrahmanyam 1
BB410Lab: Bioinformatics-I1035 PV Balaji 3A+L1
BB412Genomics and Proteomics  *3003 K Kondabagil + S Srivastava –
BB414Molecular Diagnostics [SH]3003 S Patankar 6
BB416Research Methodology and Scientific Communication Skills [FH]3003 S Patankar 10
 Elective I3003  
BB456Lab: Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering1046 K Kondabagil *#
BB458Lab: Immunology0033 R Pur *#
Total 1821038  

*& BB513 and BB519 will run in Spring  Semester for the current Academic Year
*# BB453, BB455, BB456 and BB458 will be running in Summer Vacation [after Spring Semester] for the current Academic Year

Contact Hours: 30
Credits: 38

Elective I

CodeSubject NameLTPCInstructor(s)Slot
BB634Environmental Biotechnology [SH]3003 P Phale 2
BB635Bacterial pathogenesis [FH]3003 A Banerjee 4
BB640Biologics [SH]3003 A Kumar 9
BB664Molecular Biosensors [FH]3003 D Panda 2
BB666Biological Thermodynamics3003 – 
BB662Biological Kinetics [SH]3003 SK Maji 4
BB656Introduction to Mechanobiology3003 – 
BB658Principles of Tissue Engineering [FH]3003 P Tayalia 6

Semester IV

CodeSubject NameLTPCInstructor(s)Slot
BB502Project Stage II Dissertation00024  

ES200 / HS200

Environmental Studies
(ES200 + HS200)
 Elective III2106  
Total 51036  

Contact Hours: 6 (excluding Project Stage II)
Credits: 36

Elective III