BB101 Biology
BB400 Molecular Biophysics
BB401 Mathematical methods for biologists
BB402 Cell Biology
BB403 Biomolecular Spectroscopy
BB404 Metabolism and Bioenergetics
BB405 Molecular Biology
BB406 Genetic Engineering
BB407 Analytical Biochemistry
BB408 Immunology
BB409 Biological Thermodynamics & Kinetics
BB410 Lab: Bioinformatics-I
BB411 Introduction to molecular cell biology
BB412 Genomics and Proteomics
BB413 Biochemistry
BB414 Molecular Diagnostics
BB415 Cell and Molecular Biology
BB416 Research Methodology and Scientific Communication Skills
BB417 Plant and Animal Biotechnology
BB419 Microbiology
BB421 Genetics
BB423 Basics of Mathematics and Statistics
BB425 Basics of Chemistry and Physics
BB450 Biophysics Laboratory
BB451 Biochemistry Laboratory
BB452 Microbiology Laboratory
BB453 Lab: Biochemistry and Analytical Techniques
BB454 Programming for bioinformatics
BB455 Lab: Microbiology
BB456 Lab: Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering
BB457 Lab: Plant and Animal Biotechnology
BB458 Lab: Immunology
BB501 Genetics
BB502 Project Stage II Dissertation
BB503 Genetic engineering
BB505 Molecular Immunology
BB507 Molecular Enzymology
BB509 Bioprocess Engineering and Technology
BB511 Emerging Technologies
BB513 Critical Analysis of Classical Papers (Seminar)
BB515 Bioentrepreneurship
BB517 Intellectual Property Rights, Biosafety and Bioethics
BB519 Project Proposal Presentation and Dissertation
BB551 Genetic Engineering Laboratory
BB553 Bioinformatics
BB555 Lab: Bioprocess Engineering and Technology
BB557 Lab: Bioinformatics-II
BB591 Project Stage I
BB592 Project Stage II

BB601 Introduction to Bio-Nanotechnology
BB602 Research Philosophy
BB603 Physiology for Engineers
BB606 Cellular Bioelectricity: Biophysics & modeling
BB606 Cellular electricity: Physics & modeling
BB607 Proteomics: Principles and Techniques
BB608 Advanced Biomaterials & Regeneration
BB610 Biomedical Microsystems
BB611 Cell Cycle and Epigenetics
BB612 Cell Mechanics & Mechanobiology
BB614 BioSensors
BB616 Cellular and Tissue Engineering
BB617 Biophysical Chemistry
BB618 Medical Instrumentation
BB619 Mathematics for Biologists
BB620 Ergonomics
BB621 Biostatistics
BB624 Microfluidics: Physics and Applications
BB625 Motor Control In Health and Disease
BB626 Modeling Biological Systems and Processes
BB627 Medical Imaging Methods
BB628 Molecular Cell Signaling
BB629 Applied Immunology
BB630 Industrial Microbiology
BB632 Topics in Biotechnology II
BB633 Movement Neuroscience
BB634 Environmental Biotechnology
BB635 Bacterial pathogenesis
BB637 Cellular Neurophysiology: Theory and Applications
BB638 Topics in Evolution
BB639 Nanobiotechnology
BB640 Biologics
BB641 Biological Imaging
BB642 Protein crystallography
BB643 NMR in Biological Systems
BB645 Drug Discovery and Development
BB646 Microbial Technology
BB647 Introduction to Evolutionary Biology
BB648 Protein Engineering
BB649 Topics in Biotechnology III
BB650 Advanced Structural Biology
BB652 Computational Biology
BB653 Experimental techniques in Biomedical Engineering
BB654 Enzymology
BB655 BioIntroduction to Biomedical Optics
BB656 Introduction to Mechanobiology
BB658 Principles of Tissue Engineering
BB660 Principles of Applied Immunology
BB661 Biopotentials I: Cellular Signals
BB662 Biological Kinetics
BB663 Medical Imaging Physics
BB664 Molecular Biosensors
BB665 Biomaterials
BB666 Biological Thermodynamics
BB669 Signals and Systems for Biomedical Engineering
BB673 Mathematics for Biologists
BB673 Medical Sensors
BB675 Elements of Circuits and Instrumentation
BB677 Introduction to Biomechanics
BB679 Drug Delivery
BB694 Credit Seminar
BB701 Research Proposal
BB702 Technology in Surgical Reconstruction
BB703 Cancer genetics and Metabolism
BB704 Diffuse Optical Imaging
BB792 Communication Skills
BB803 Advanced cellular electrophysiology
BB805 Experimental techniques in Biology II
BB806 Principles of Biomolecular Interactions and Recognition
BBS800 Seminar
BBS801 Seminar
BBS802 Seminar
BBxx1 Electrodiagnostics, Therapy and Electrical Safety
BBxxx Virtual instrumentation in Biomedical Engineering