The 6th Annual Meeting of the Proteomics Society, India (PSI) and International Proteomics Conference on “Proteomics from Discovery to
Function” held from 7th to 9th Dec 2014 at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, was one of the highly awaited
scientific conferences in India.

The pre-conference, conference and post-conference activities scheduled during 6th – 11th
Dec had attracted over thousand participants. The conference and workshop proceedings were published in
special issue of Journal of Proteins and Proteomics. It was for the first time, that India had received the Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) President and Ex-Presidents and other elite scientists of PS(I) to address a gathering, in such a scale. The plenary talks by leading scientists accounted for one of the main highlights of this event, which was highly covered by Indian media. Lectures delivered over the three days covered a wide array of subjects including, Cancer Biomarkers, Proteomics of Biofluids, Proteomics and Systems Biology, Mass Spectrometry & PTM, New MS Approaches, Interactomics & Multi-Omics Analysis, Human Proteome Project, MS & Metabolomics, Microbial Proteomics, Animal & Plant Proteomics etc.