Upcoming Training


Mass Spectrometry Workshops (details to be announced soon).

Location: High Resolution Mass Spectrometry based Proteomics Research and Training Facility, 304 BSBE, IIT Bombay

1)  Mass Spec Based Proteomics workshop (9th Dec 2017) : More information click here

Lectures and Demo session. Open to only users from IIT Bombay.

2) Proteomics Bootcamp Training and Workshop (4th to 8th Dec and 11th – 15th Dec 2017): More information click here

Hands on workshop only for 6 participants per day. Registration fees Rs. 5000

Click here for registration 


  • Lecture- Basics of Mass Spectrometry
  • Know your Orbitrap MS
  • Mass spec demo and calibration
  • In-gel/In-solution digestion protocol
  • Sample processing (BSA/unknown sample, in gel)
  • MS data analysis (identification)
  • Quantitative proteomics
  • Sample run for Label-free/iTRAQ/TMT
  • MS data analysis (Quantification)
  • Interaction/Discussion

Salient features: 

  • Hands on workshop- only 6 participants at a time
  • Opportunity for training in bottom-up proteomics, protein identification and quantification

   2) May/June 2018 (Details to be announced)

   3) December 2018 (Details to be announced)