The DBT-funded High Resolution Mass Spectrometry based Proteomics Research and Training Facility at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay aims to provide advanced, state-of the-art, Mass Spectrometry instrumentation and support to expand your OMICs research, education and training. A dedicated team is available to help you in achieving your scientific goals of proteomics and metabolomics research.

During the first phase, services include protein identification and protein quantification (e.g., iTRAQ/TMT) for proteomics analysis. During the second phase, we aim to expand our services to targeted proteomics, PTM analysis, metabolomics, and other specialized applications. Further, the facility aims to facilitate proteomics training by conducting dedicated courses and workshops. Facility is currently in process of set-up and once we are ready to accept the samples we would update on website. 

An Introduction to HR-MS based Proteomics  Research and Training Facility