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International Symposium

Targeted Proteomics International Symposium Schedule
Day – 2
Monday, 14th December 2015

(VMCC Main Auditorium)


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Session IV: Targeted Proteomics- New Tools and Software
Chairs: Dr. Ruchi Anand & Dr. Suman Thakur

08:45 AM 08:50 AM Chair Opening Remarks 
09:00 AM 09:30 AM Plenary Talksulekha Mr. Brendan MacLean Skyline: growth in the software ecosystem for targeted quantitative proteomics
09:35 AM 09:55 AM Invited Talksulekha Dr. Ben Collins Multi-site assessment of quantitative and qualitative performance of SWATH mass spectrometry
10:00 AM 10:20 AM Plenary Talksulekha Dr. Leigh Anderson (Online) Biomarker verification and quantification in clinical samples using SISCAPA
10:25 AM 10:45 AM Invited Talksulekha Dr. Tsung Heng Tsai Statistics in targeted proteomics
10:45 AM 11:00 AM Tea Break | Demo (Mr. Ratnesh Sengar, BARC)- Spot picker robot


11:00 AM 11:50 AM Panel Discussion: Quantitative Taregted Assays using Mass Spectrometry: Prospects and Standards- Dr. Bruno Domon (Chair), Dr. Mahesh Kulkarni, Dr. Subhra Chakraborty, Dr. Srikanth Rapole, Dr. Suman S. Thakur 


11:55 AM 12:10 PM Invited Talksulekha Ms. Subhra Priyadarshini India making a mark in global proteomics research
12:10 PM 12:17 PM Short Talk  Ms. Sonali Vishwa Mohan Protein quantitation using data independent acquisition (DIA) on orbitrap fusion platform
12:17 PM 12:24 PM Short Talk  Ms. Snigdha Dhali Validation of subtype specific potential serum protein biomarkers in breast cancer using targeted proteomics
12:24 PM 12:31 PM Short Talk  Mr. Kishore Nitin Mass spectrometric n-terminal sequencing of peptides using a bacterial aminopeptidase
12:31 PM 12:38 PM Short Talk  Mr. Vivek Srinivas Proteomics approach to study the effects of uORFs on the rate of translation in Plasmodium falciparum
12:38 PM 12:45 PM Short Talk  Mr. Saicharan Ghantasala MRM based identification and relative quantitation of vimentin in different grades of meningiomas
12:45 PM 12:52 PM Short Talk  Mr. Sumit Kumar Singh Host cell protein analysis by HPLC/CE-ESI-TOF-MS
12:52 PM 12:59 PM Short Talk  Ms. Poljak Kristina Parallel reaction monitoring-based quantification of site specific N-glycosylation occupancy in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae.
01:00 PM 01:30 PM Poster Presentation 
(Ground floor foyer area, VMCC)Maclean
01:30 PM 02:10 PM MacleanLunch (Ground floor cafeteria area)

Session V: Targeted Assays for Clinical applications
Chairs: Dr. Niranajan Chakraborty & Dr. Swati Patankar

02:10 PM 02:15 PM Chair Opening Remarks
02:15 PM 02:45 PM Plenary TalkMaclean Dr. Bruno Domon Recent advances in targeted proteomics: parallel reaction monitoring
02:50 PM 03:05 PM Invited Talk Dr. Jason Chen TBA
03:10 PM 03:25 PM Tech Talkmark Dr. Mark McDowall A comparison of peptide quantification using a novel integrated microfluidics device and a nanoscale UPLC with MRM detection
03:30 PM 03:45 PM Invited TalkHui-Zhang Dr. Suman Thakur Finding target to validating target using quantitative proteomics in biology and clinical research
03:50 PM 04:05 PM Tech TalkHui-Zhang Dr. Veena Menon Characterization of vaccine induced antibody response in non-human primates using BioLayer Inferometry (BLI)
04:10 PM 04:25 PM Invited TalkHui-Zhang Dr. Andrei Kozlov A comparison of peptide quantification using a novel integrated microfluidics device and a nanoscale UPLC with MRM detection
04:30 PM 04:40 PM Short Talk (10min) Dr. Yassene Mohammed MADPIPE – MRM assay design pipeline with bioinformatic resources and tools for multiplexed multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) experiments
04:40 PM 04:50 PM Short Talk (10min) Dr. T.B. Bennike Neutrophil extracellular traps in ulcerative colitis–A proteome analysis of Intestinal biopsies
04:50 PM 05:10 PM Tea Break
05:10 PM 05:40 PM Valedictory and Closing CeremonyHui-Zhang Dr. Sanjeeva Srivastava