Student Opportunities

Poster Presentation

Poster presentation

An opportunity to display your research in front of proteomics global community. The posters would be judged for the “Best Poster Award” on the basis of quality of the work presented and the presenters ability to convey the message to others effectively.

Oral Presentation

Oral presentationThis symposium aims to give young investigators an opportunity to give short talks. The selection of the speakers would be done based on the quality of the abstract.

Students/Post-doc whose posters are deemed as best would be given an opportunity to present their work orally as well. The best orator would be awarded with “Best Oral Presentation Award”. So if you are shortlisted for poster, also prepare for a short talk 8-10 minutes.

Interactive Session

Interactive sessionAn interactive session will be organized between students and the plenary and invited speakers. In this session, students will get an opportunity to talk one-on-one with the leading personalities in the proteomics field, which would be very stimulating for their research career.

Job Market

Person Holding Hire Me Sign in Crowd“What next?” is a very common question every student deals with. This conference would provide the student to explore the job opportunities in academia and industry. An interactive session will be organized between the students and the representatives from well-known biotech/pharmaceutical companies.

Meet the Editorial Board Members

EditorYou have good data but you don’t know how to publish your paper in decent journals? This session would enable you to interact with the editorial board members of prominent journals and help you to understand what the editors look for in your research article.

Creative Session

CreativityWe will provide you an opportunity to show your creativity to address specific issues in omics field. The best creative idea will be judged for the “Best Creative Idea Award“.


Educational Activities

Educational activitiesCoordinators of proteomics societies like PSI, HUPO, EuPA and SEProt would meet and inform you about various on-going educational activities and workshops on various topics of proteomics.

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