Why was this logo chosen for the symposium?


Arjuna, the main protagonist of the Hindu epic Mahabharata is known to be a champion archer. His skills have been popularly known in folklore as an account of his ability to focus on only his target and not be distracted by the surroundings, which enabled him to hit his aim, unfailingly, every time. Recent targeted proteomic techniques aims at achieving similar consistency and accomplishment by focusing only on target proteins through the cutting edge technology under “Targeted Proteomics”. 

According to the mythlogical epic, Mahabharata, Drupada, the King of Panchal wished for the hand of a mighty archer of his daughter, Princess Draupadi’s wedding. In a traditional practise called “Swayamvar” where a princess is to choose the hand among many prospective suitors, King Drupada had organized a contest where each suitor would have to shoot down a rotating wooden fish hanging from a pole, high above the ground. However, he would have to do so by aiming for it by watching its reflection in a small water pool right underneath it. While many warriors and princes from various dynasties could not succeed in their attempts; Arjuna, one of the mighty Pandavas who was renowned and deemed invincible in his skills at archery accomplished this challenge by concentrating at his aim by looking at the reflection of his target.