Dr. Mark Andrew McDowall Biography

Mark Andrew McDowall
Principal at The John Dalton Consultancy
Manchester, United Kingdom

Dr Mark McDowall obtained his BSc in Chemistry (1980) and his PhD in biological mass spectrometry (1984) from the University of Wales working on the development and application of ‘primitive’ LC/MS technologies to the analysis of peptides and pharmaceutical products. He obtained a post-doctoral fellowship from the Royal Society (of Great Britain) in 1984 to research the mechanism of thermospray ionisation at the University of Bonn (Germany).

Mark joined the LC/MS development group of VG Instruments in 1985 and was involved in the mass spectrometry operations and management of the company for over 29 years – throughout it’s evolution to Micromass and finally Waters Corporation. Prior to his retirement in February 2014, Mark was the Senior Manager responsible for strategic development of the company’s Pharmaceutical Discovery & Life Science business – focusing on mass spectrometry for the health & life sciences world-wide.

Dr McDowall served two terms of office on Waters Corporation’s Scientific Advisory Board and was a member of the company’s Centres of Innovation Program that maintains strategic collaborations with many of the World’s premier research institutions.

Today Dr McDowall continues his career-long association with Waters Corporation as a business development consultant focusing on mass spectrometry in India.