A near-complete list of my publications is available here in my google scholar page.
Most of my recent papers are also listed here in Pubmed.

My selected papers are listed below:

  • A minimal conformational switching-dependent model for amyloid self-assembly
    Srivastav Ranganathan, Dhiman Ghosh, Samir Maji and Ranjith Padinhateeri
    Scientific Reports, 6, 21103 (2016)

  • Role of transcription factor-mediated nucleosome disassembly in PHO5 gene expression
    Hungyo Kharerin, Paike J Bhat, John F Marko and Ranjith Padinhateeri
    Scientific Reports, 6, 20319 (2016)

  • Theoretical estimates of exposure timescales of protein binding sites on DNA regulated by nucleosome kinetics
    Jyotsana Parmar, Dibyendu Das, and Ranjith Padinhateeri
    Nucleic Acids Research, 44,  (2016)

  • Branching influences force-velocity curves and length fluctuations in actin networks
    Deepak Hansda, Shamik Senand Ranjith Padinhateeri
    Phys. Rev. E., 90, 062718, (2014)

  • Force-induced dynamical properties of multiple cytoskeletal filaments are distinct from that of single filaments
    Dipjyoti Das, Dibyendu Dasand Ranjith Padinhateeri
    PLoS One 9(12): e114014 (2014)
  • Collective force generated by multiple biolfilaments can exceed the sum of forces due to individual filaments
    Dipjyoti Das, Dibyendu Das, and Ranjith Padinhateeri
    New J. Phys., 16, 063032 (2014)
  • Nuecleosome positioning and kinetics near transcription-start-site barriers
    are controlled by interplay between active remodeling and DNA sequence
    Jyotsana Parmar, John F Marko, and Ranjith Padinhateeri
    Nucleic Acids Research, 42, 128-146, (2014)
  • Forces due to curving protofilaments in microtubules
    Shirish Vichare, Ishutesh Jain, Mandar Inamdar, and Ranjith Padinhateeri
    Phys. Rev. E. 88, 062708 (2013)
  • Force generation and step-size fluctuations in a dynein motor
    Tripti Bameta, Ranjith Padinhateeri and Mandar M Inamdar
    J. Stat. Mech. P02030 (2013)
  • Molecular interpretation of ACTH–endorphin coaggregation: relevance to  secretory granule biogenesis
    S Ranganathan P. K. Singh, U. Singh, P. S. Singru, R. Padinhateeri and S. K. Maji
    PLoS ONE, 7, e31924 (2012)

Pre-IITB period

  • Equilibrium properties of a grafted polyelectrolyte with explicit counterions
    K. Jayasree, P. Ranjith, Madan Rao and P. B. Sunil Kumar
    J. Chem. Phy. 130, 094901 (2009)
  • Distribution Functions, Loop Formation Probabilities and Force-Extension Relations in a Model for Short Double-Stranded DNA Molecules
    P. Ranjith, P. B. Sunil Kumar and Gautam I. Menon
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 138102 (2005)