Mac related stuff for academics

Some useful stuff related to Mac OS X that might be useful for people like me:

I found that “homebrew” (google to know more)  is a useful thing to install various packages like gunplot etc. It is very simple to install it.

Just type the following command in your terminal (if you don’t where terminal is, search it in the “Finder”)

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"


Installing gnuplot:  Once brew is installed, you can install gunplot easily. But for that first you have to install Xquartz (X for mac). You can do that by googling for xquartz and downloading the package (easy)

But brew will do it if you give the command :  brew install Caskroom/cask/xquartz

Once that is done, just give: brew install gnuplot –with-x11

Done. But remember, you might have to logout and login back for the X to work.

[If you don't want to install brew, install xquartz downloading it (after googling). Then you can download tar.gz gnuplot from sourceforge and do it]

Installing fortran: Use the command: brew install gcc

(it also installs gfortran).

To write equation in keynote/powerpoint: I use this beautiful piece of software called “LateXiT”. You can type any equation there using latex command, and then drag and put it into keynote/powerpoint, wherever