Research Groups

Bacterial Pathogenesis Lab
Areas of Research: Bacterial Pathogenesis, Host-Pathogen Interactions, Cellular Immunity

Biophysics and Computational Biology Laboratory
Areas of Research: Biophysics, Non-equilibrium Statistical Physics, Computational Modeling

Biosensors and Bioinstrumentation Lab
Areas of Research: Bioinstrumentation, Cardiovascular Physiology, Transducers and Biomedical Sensors, Biosensors

Cell and Tissue Engineering Lab
Areas of Research: Cellular programming, Tissue engineering, Immunotherapy, Biomaterials, Microfabrication

Cellular Biophysics Lab
Areas of Research: Cell & Matrix Mechanics and Computational Modeling

Chromosome & Plasmid Segregation Lab
Areas of Research: Understanding mechanism of faithful chromosome segregation during meiotic cell division

Computational Neurophysiology Lab
Areas of Research: Neuromuscular Physiology & Biophysics

Gene Regulation Lab
Areas of Research: Cell biology; protein biochemistry; molecular biology; genetic engineering, prokaryotic gene regulation

Glycobiology Lab
Areas of Research: Glycobiology; protein-carbohydrate interactions molecular biology of glycosyltransferases; molecular modeling; docking and MD simulations

Immunoengineering Lab
Areas of Research: Tumor Immunology, Cancer biomarker

Metabolic Engineering Lab
Areas of Research: Aromatic hydrocarbon degradation, elucidation of metabolic pathways, molecular enzymology and kinetics, genetics engineering, bacterial physiology, Bio-surfactant production and its significance

Metabolism and Enzymology Lab
Areas of Research: Microbial biochemistry; enzymology; metabolic regulation; secondary metabolism; metabolic engineering; nitrogen metabolism of fungi

Microfluidics and Biological Physics Lab
Areas of Research: Microfabrication technology, thin-film transistors, biosensors, microfluidic devices, biophysical aspects of bacterial invasion, interaction of cells with micro and nano-structured surfaces, integration of microfluidics and electronics.

Molecular Cell Biology Lab
Areas of Research: Cell biology, biophysics, protein structure-function, molecular medicine and mechanism(s) of action of antifungal, anticancer and antibacterial drugs

Molecular Genetics Lab
Areas of Research: Eukaryotic gene expression; yeast molecular genetics; eucaryotic transcriptional regulation

Molecular Immunology and Cell Signalling Lab
Areas of Research: Protein phosphorylation gene regulation, molecular mechanism of signal transduction

Molecular Parasitology Lab
Areas of Research: Molecular parasitology and genomics applied to the malarial parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Molecular Virology Lab
Areas of Research: Mechanisms of assembly of large DNA viruses, virus engineering: viral nano-containers for targeted delivery

Movement Neuroscience and Rehabilitation Technology Lab
Areas of Research: Motor Control of Balance and Falls, Motor Learning, Neural Plasticity, Stroke Rehabilitation, Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation

Nano Bios Lab
Areas of Research: Fluorescent Biosensors, Nanoengineered Sensors, Controlled Release, Layer-by-Layer Assembly, BioMEMS

Nanomedicine Lab
Areas of Research: Nanomedicine: Nanoparticles for biomedical applications; Drug delivery: Innovative drug delivery strategies for controlled and trigger responsive drug release, technologies for non-invasive drug delivery through oral, aerosol, intranasal, transdermal routes; Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Medical Devices: Point of care diagnostics, Low cost technologies for global health

Physical Biology Lab
Areas of Research: Nucleosome dynamics and Chromatin assembly, Dynamics of Actin and Microtubules, Mechanics of DNA

Protein Crystallography Lab
Areas of Research: Understanding the structure function relationship of enzymes and biological macromolecules, Protein crystallography, Structure based antimalarial drug development, Structural enzymology.

Protein Engineering and Neurobiology Lab
Areas of Research: To study the amyloid formation by protein/peptides in the diseases and functional amyloid perspective

Protein NMR Lab
Areas of Research: Structural Biology, Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy

Proteomics Lab
Areas of Research: Proteomics, Systems Biology, Stress physiology and cellular responses

Theoretical and Experimental Bioimaging Lab
Areas of Research: Biophotonics, Tomography, Inverse Problems