Research / Project Staff

Project Staff

Name  E-mail Guide
Sunanda Anand Bokade sunandab[at] R. Banerjee
Sudesh Kumar Roy sudeshroy[at] D. Panda
Anuj Rastogi p11452[at] Shamik Sen
Kumud Agarwal p13140[at] A. Kumar
Sanket Girish Shah p12560[at] S.K. Ghosh
Mrityunjoy Mondal S. Maji
Rosna Radhakrishnan rosna.r[at] S. Mukherji
Kushal Das Shamik Sen
Santanu Kumar Basu santanukbasu[at]
Shivam Sharma 30003445[at]
Rudra N Purusottam 30003583[at] A. Kumar
Pooja Srivastava 30003625[at] R. Srivastava
Priyanka Venkat Maske 30003624[at] R. Srivastava
Debarghya Mitra 30003751[at] A. Kumar

Ph.D. TA International Applicants

We encourage international students to apply for the IIT Bombay institute TA fellowships for our PhD programs. More details about this can be found here: